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Dear Parent,
You only need to hear once about a child accidentally falling into a pool to understand the importance of swim lessons . My brother rescued my sister when she was a toddler, and had fallen into my aunt's pool. My sister did not know how to swim and would never have survived on her own. She was lucky. 

Well, since you are reading this, then we already  know you are a concerned parent who believes in prevention. Some children want Dance Lessons, others want Karate Lessons. Children don't want Swim Lessons, they need them! Whether you choose Private or Group Lessons, any lessons are better than no lessons.  

Group lessons work great for some children and private lessons work well for others. There are benefits to both. We are currently offering Private Swim Lessons. Some of the benefits of a one on one teaching environment include; less distractions, more water time per student and more skills learned per lesson which ultimately means less money spent upon completion of the desired skills. Children also get to move along and progress at their own pace. 

All early childhood educators know that children learn best when they are having fun. So we've applied our  "Kidz Fun Philosophy" to help make learning these challenging skills as fun as possible. It's still hard work and sometimes scary to learn new skills, but the end result is sure to bring smiles to all!
Splish-Splashily Yours,
Coach Susan

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